Chios – Ikaria


The history of Chios goes back to legendary times.

Its first inhabitants were Pelasgians, then Cretans, and perhaps Carians and Leleges lived there too. During historical times, Ionians from the Asia Minor coast arrived, and soon turned Chios into a flourishing commercial, artistic, and literary center, until it was taken by the Persians in 498 B.C. It regained its independence after the sea battle of Mykale.

Places worth visiting are: in Chios town – the ancient city walls, the ancient theater, the castle, the Archaeological Museum, the Arghention Folk Art Museum, the Picture Gallery. Outside the town: the famous convent of Nea Moni (with an octagonal Byzantine church of the 11th century decorated with splendid mosaics); the picturesque medieval little town of Pyrghi; many fascinating little towns and villages ( Vrondados, Kardamyla, Volissos, Karyes, the area of the villages of the mastic production, Kalamoti, Mesta and others ).

Near to Chios are situated the small interesting islands of Oinousse and Psara. Psara played a heroic role during the Greek Revolution of 1821.


Ikaria has been nicknamed the ( radium island ) because of its natural radium healing springs. The chief town is Aghios Kirykos. Not far away is the spa Therma, with modern installations and hotels with all amenities.

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