Nisyros – Tilos – Chalki – Symi


According to legend, Nisyros, which lies at the center of the Dodecanese group, was formed when Poseidon broke a piece of rock of’ Kos and hurled it at the Giant Polybotes. The Carians were the first inhabitants of the island, which, during the classical period, was independent.

It continued to be a free island all the way through the Byzantine Empire until it was destroyed by the Turks in 1457, after which it remained uninhabited for quite a long time.

Nisyros is thickly wooded and has many places of interest, among them the volcano. Also worth seeing is the acropolis, the Knights’ Castle, the Byzantine castle, and the Stavros monastery. There are many fine beaches.


Tilos was first peopled by Pelasgians, and the first Dorians arrived on the island about 1100 B.C. The tyrants of Syracuse, Gelon and leron, were from here. The capital of the island is called Megalo Chorio, and above it stands a castle.


Chalki is an isle of unusual beauty situated close to the southern shores of Rodos.


This island lies NW of Rhodes. Its capital town Symi is built tier-fashion below an impressive medieval castle, situated on the ancient acropolis.

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