Alexandroupolis – Samothrace


Alexandroupolis ( 341 km from Thessaloniki via Amphipolis ) is one of the new towns of Greece and its most easterly port in the north. Its visitors enjoy modern amenities, such as comfortable hotels, camping sites, good restaurants, and sandy beaches.
Alexandroupolis is the capital of the Prefecture of Evros, and the last important town of Greece before reaching the Turkish border. Its area is abounding in gamebirds and especially in waterfowl and migratory birds. So it attracts many sportsmen every hunting period.


By taking a small ship or the ferryboat one can go over Samothrace, the island with the landscapes and tempestuous history. Archaeological excavations have yielded important finds, chief of which Is the statue of the “Victory of Samothrace” exhibited today In the Louvre Museum in Paris.

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