Kasos – Astypalaea – Castellorizo


This tiny island, almost nudging Karpathos, is 17 km long and about 4 km wide. A mountain range extends the length of the island and the south coast is almost inaccessible. On the northern side, several small villages are clustering around the island capital, Ophrys. Inland is a fertile plain. Access to Kasos is by inter-island steamer and also local boats from Rhodes.

Kasos has a very healthy climate. It has the following villages: Ayia Marina, Arvanitochori, Poli, Panayia, Emboreios. The island has a large number of caves, of which the most interesting are those called: tou Koraka, Fokokamaras, Plakarous, and tou Moursela. Also worth seeing are the monastery of St. Mamas, the Ellinokamara, and the ancient wall at Poll.


This Dodecanese island lies nearest the Cyclades. It has quiet beaches and many interesting local customs. Every year, on the 15th of August, which is the Day of Our Lady’s Assumption, a big open-air festival is held and free food is offered to all the participants in the celebrations. Lovely sandy beaches at Aghios Constantinos.


Pera Aeyalo, Castellorizo was known as Meglstl in ancient times. Its first inhabitants were Achaeans. When the Turks occupied the island, it had 14,000 inhabitants; today it has 300. It is the closest Greek island to Turkey. Sights: the school building, which resembles the Athens Academy, the Cathedral with its monolithic columns, the blue cave.

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