Olympus Riviera Pieria Greece

Olympus Riviera, in Pieria, is the Greek Riviera. Below imposing Mount Olympus and the evergreen Pieria Mountains, its serenity unfolds to the crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea.

olympus riviera paralia

It is the land of Mythology, the Gods and the Muses, the cradle of civilization, with a strong cultural past. It is tantamount to cornucopia and wealth, a blessed place and a center of attraction, with an abundance of all the individual elements, which together, form its splendor. Archaeological findings from ancient cities, monuments, and antiquities bring out the entire spectrum of historical eras, which were the landmarks of the Hellenic nation (Livithra, Pimplia, Dion, Pydna, Methoni, Makrygialos).
Here, in this land, your senses vividly perceive the spell of the scenery and the integrity of nature. The mountain and the sea, green and blue, myth and reason, blend together in remarkable harmony.
Pieria, the poetic and erotic land which has so often been praised and painted, invites you to live dreamed holiday at a place which will captivate you with its warmth and beauty; and this beauty besieges you from all sides.
Its abundant nature and vast beaches, with crystal clear blue waters, give it a special touch and color. The picturesque fishermen villages, with their seaside strewn with taverns which serve seafood delicacies, breed a very special sensation and a new impulse of life since the vastness of the sea brings a feeling of exaltation as well as of emotional tranquility. Holidays in Pieria is a real escape when you want to relax from the daily routine and regain strength.
At Olympus Riviera, Pieria’s coasts, the well-organized tourist infrastructure provides a string of options and opportunities for a creative holiday. You may enjoy the sea, indulge in the unique nature of Pieria, entertain to the sound of traditional and modern music, go shopping, visit art and cultural events and discover new ways of living and thinking.
Pieria’s location, the national road, and railway network which serves the area and the perfect local road network make Pieria an ideal base for visitors who wish to take day trips to other parts of Greece and return to the hotels in Pieria to spend the night.
Most people know Pieria and Olympus from Greek mythology. Others have heard about it from the tales told by visitors to the area.
However, no matter how enchanting the myth is, no matter how flattering the information is, the Pieria that you, the visitor, will discover is the most beautiful.
Few places combine endless stretches of beach with golden sands and crystal clear seas, mountains with history and natural beauty, excellent tourist infrastructure, affordable prices and above all excellent public transport bringing transport time down to a matter of minutes.
Few places combine so many different types of the holiday along 70 kilometers of coastline from quiet, family resorts to weekend outings for the young and restless.
Few places can combine completely different forms of entertainment, leisure and cultural activities like Pieria can, thanks to its geographical diversity, long history and the friendly, hardworking and reliable nature of its people. Destination Pieria is for all.
A place where dreams come true, a place where reality isn’t virtual, a place where life is beautiful.
Olympus Riviera satisfies every wish.

olympus riviera
Katerini the capital of Pieria regional unit. Olympus riviera – Central Macedonia, Greece.

Sea Tourism

Olympus Riviera, below Mount Olympus, with golden beaches, is just irresistible. A pleasant and safe road takes the visitor along a 70 kilometers coastline with lots of groves and pinewoods.
Along with this coast, there are fully equipped hotels, bungalows, campsites, rooms for rent and furnished apartments. The facilities they provide will satisfy even the most complex needs.
The enchanting crystal clear sea waters and beaches awarded and certified by Blue Flags, offer to visitors endless opportunities to indulge in the pleasure of its waters, whether by participating in the action of aquatic sports and games or by relaxing with a cool drink in the comfort of the shade of a straw umbrella.
Olympus Riviera combines life, beauty, ecstasy and a world of dreams. Tourism in Pieria is a part of its culture and this is seen in the way services are extended in a well-organized and systematic approach but at all times, with a smile and as a labor of love. Modern touristic units provide accommodation with hospitality.
The endless golden sandy beaches, blue-green waters and warm and friendly people form a warm and hospitable embrace. Hospitality, for the people of Pieria, is a tradition they inherited from Xenios Zeus. The visitor is bound to experience warmth and friendliness, which seem to derive from a different culture and way of life. Wandering off from anxiety and stress, you lead to Olympus Riviera.
There, where the mountain slopes fade out at the Aegean Sea, you’ll see dreamy images at the coasts of Platamonas, Litochoro, the Olympiaki Akti, Paralia and Panteleimonas.
You see the genuine charm of Nei Pori, Skotina, Leptokarya, Korinos, and Methoni.
You’ll see the infinite blue expanse of Makrygialos, Pydna, and Agathoupoli. Unbelievable contrasts in the scenery with fascinating variations of images.
There are at least 16 reasons that make Pieria’s 16 beaches incomparable:
The length of the seafront, the abundant, golden sand, the quality of the water, the unrepeatable combination of coastline and mountainous massifs, changes in landscape, easy road and rail access, facilities for small craft, the alternation between quiet and cosmopolitan life, the diversity of flora and fauna, hotel infrastructure, the range of cuisine and entertainment, the wealth of sporting activities available, countless sites of cultural and ecological interest, well organized shopping facilities and the range of towns dotted along the coast.
Holidays in Olympus Riviera means relaxing in style, freedom of choice, days in quality and nights with endless fun until morning.

Entertainment Excursions

From the golden sandy beaches to the summit of Olympus, the mountain of the Gods, the unique beauty of nature unfolds and overwhelms the visitor with the colors, aromas and sweet taste of the scenery in the land of Pieria. Wherever one may be, whatever time of year it may be, Pieria offers a hospitable shelter and unfailingly satisfies one’s desires.

Olympus, the mountain of the Gods
Olympus, the mountain of the Gods

The market and entertainment are the next surprises for the visitor. In Katerini, the hospitable capital of Pieria, the shopping center within and around the beautiful pedestrian precinct provides opportunities for good buys from attractive stores. That part of the town and the park of Katerini, with their little outdoor cafes, create a pleasant and friendly urban environment.

Moreover, all the villages along the coast have their own well-organized shopping centres with a wide variety of goods. All kinds of stores, green groceries with motley products, groceries, little bars, cafes, clubs, taverns, and ouzo-bars are all scattered in the same area and are ideal for buys, entertainment and strolls until late in the evening. This merry atmosphere is then carried to other clubs, which provide lively entertainment until the early hours.
Pieria lies at a junction of roads and is a perfect base for short trips to significant historical and cultural sites and monuments in Greece. Besides, exploring Pieria itself, with hikes on Olympus and the Pierian Mountains, is a unique experience.
Setting off from Pieria, you may visit Delphi, Meteora, Volos, Pilio and the Sporades, with a short and pleasant rest in the Tempi Valley.

Thessaloniki, only 35 minutes from Katerini, provides a wonderful opportunity for a visit. This beautiful town, the capital of Macedonia, is the cultural centre as well as an important commercial centre of Europe with many monuments, museums, Byzantine castles and churches, a comprehensive market and a vivid nightlife.
Vergina, with the tombs of the kings of Macedonia, and Pella, the capital of the ancient state of Macedonia, are also very near. A day-trip will take the visitor to Mount Athos, the heart of Orthodox Christianity.
Pieria has its own archaeological, historical and ecological journeys. Setting off an archaeological tour, Dion, the sacred town of the Macedonians, whose divine name is linked to Zeus (Dias), father of Gods, is a good place for the first stop.
It is situated in an area of unique natural beauty, where the visitor can admire many findings, which have shed light on history and life in ancient Greece. Next, the areas of Pydna and Makrygialos show traces of man’s presence and civilization from prehistoric times when the Byzantine Empire was prospering.

Other towns and places of interest in Pieria, which reflect the history of the Hellenic nation include Livithra, the birthplace of Orpheus, the mystic, at the foot of Mount Olympus, Iraklia, close to the magnificent castle of Platamonas, Pimplia and the straits of Petra. Byzantine and more recent monuments are to be found throughout Pieria.

Modern Pieria is no less attractive and offers the visitor beautiful sports and unforgettable moments. The small traditional villages, which are scattered on the slopes of Mount Olympus and of the Pieria Mountains, are a challenge of morning or afternoon hikes or rides you will never forget. In Petra, Agios Dimitrios, Milia, Ritini, Elatochori, Rakia, Kastania, Lofos, Vrontou and Karitsa, the visitor can see what life in Pieria is like, indulge in local hospitality and savour the unique delicacies at the picturesque little taverns.

At old settlements of Palios Panteleimonas and Morna, the visitor can see the traditional architecture of the area. The more modern towns of Litochoro, Eginio, and Kolindros have their own special architectural style. Tourist agencies in Katerini and on the coast offer to visitors attractive proposals at reasonable prices, which introduce Pieria, as it is today and as it used to be in the past.

Mount Olympus – Mount Pieria Wetlands

Mount Olympus is the mountain of Gods, the legend of the people, which manifests the Creator. Within its beauty and indescribable magnificence, the sense of colour assumes a new dimension. Colours and waters form the divine garden of the universe. In the eyes of their fantasy, the ancient Greeks saw the twelve Olympian Gods make their home at the summit of this mountain, which is wrought by the wind and so often veiled by clouds.
The holy mountain is awe-inspiring. Nature is in perfect harmony. Its magnificence, volume, and shape make Olympus an unbelievable sight. Its numerous and varied undulations present a combination of the unique beauty of nature and the glory of the myth. The height of the mountain adds splendour to the unspoiled and bright scenery, which radiates with spirituality and mysticism.
Olympus is known throughout the world for its special geological features and its unique nature. In 1938 it was proclaimed a national nature reserve and in 1981 UNESCO proclaimed it a protected part of the global biosphere, which shows its significance for humanity. In 1985 it was further proclaimed an archaeological and historical site since the natural environment of the mountain contains extensive evidence of man’s history.

On the eastern side, access to Olympus is via Litochoro, a modern fowl at the foot of the mountain, only 5 km from the coast. It is imperative for hikers, who are planning to climb Olympus to follow the instructions and advice of the experienced members of the Mountaineering Clubs. Other accesses to Olympus are via Dion and Petra.

On the northwestern side of Olympus, the Pierian Mountains open their evergreen embrace to the land of Pieria. The ancient Greeks marveled at the beauty of these mountains, the serenity of the scenery and the harmony o their ridges and chose to make them the home of the 9 Muses of Pieria that inspired both art and culture. On the Pierian Mountains, the spell of nature blends well with tradition. The human presence and activities merge in harmony with the natural scenery in an ideal co-existence.
Totally integrated into the natural color, settlements in evergreen surroundings nests and hives of life and tradition, provide a poetic ambiance with a panoramic view. A whole string of traditional settlements, with their very own architectural style, extends throughout the Pierian range. Agios, Dimitrios, Petra, Morna, Milia, Ritini, Elatochori, Rakia, and Kolindros, offer the visitor the opportunity to follow tracks of beauty in nature.
At Elatochori there is an organized ski center with a central piste of 2.300 meters, a peripheral piste 4.800 m long and a beginner’s one 250 m long.
You must also visit the ecological heaven of the wetlands: Alykes Kitrous on the northern side, which forms an integral part of the ecosystem of the delta of Aliakmonas river and Nei Pori on the southern side, which forms an integral part of the ecosystem of the estuary of Pinios river. The fauna includes 215 species of birds and the flora counts 600 species, which add color and poetic beauty and bring out man’s ancient feeling of absolute communication and harmony with Earth and its creatures.

Archeology Civilization

The International Olympus Festival, a well known and established event throughout Greece, invites the most notable local and foreign drama and music groups to the ancient Dion odium and to the Castle of Platamonas.
Large audiences see the Hellenic spirit and drama revived in a truly imposing ancient theater.
Other notable cultural events include the International Folklore Week, with the participation of traditional music and dance groups from all over the world, pop concerts, modern drama performances, and art exhibitions. The variety of events enhances the cultural life of Pieria and responds to the interests and sensibilities of the most demanding audiences.
Olympus Riviera in Pieria, Greece is expecting you.

Pieria is sheltered by the shadow cast by Mount Olympus, the Gods am the Muses. It is full of monuments and sacred spots, which are eternal travel links with the mythology, history, and culture of the Hellenic nation.
Livithra, the birthplace of Orpheus, the mystic, lies at the foot of Mount Olympus, above Leptokarya. The ancient settlement at Makrygialos manifests that this rich area had been inhabited thousands of years ago.
Dion, whose divine name was a link with Zeus (Dias), lies below Olympus, only 6 kilometres from the coast of Pieria. The sacred town of the Macedonians, was the Olympian Zeus was worshipped, saw days of glory during the reign of King Archelaos with contests, sports and drama performances. It was here that Euripides Bacchae was first performed. It was also here, that Alexander made his offerings and held the contests before hi set out on his journey to the east, after which he was called ’the Great’.

The Macedonian tombs from Korinos to Makrygialos show considerable cultural development in the area during this period. The last battle between the Hellenic and the Roman forces was actually fought in Methoni.
Throughout Pieria, the findings of ancient settlements (Petra, Iraklia Pydna) show that this rich and fertile land had always been inhabited.
Consistent with its leading part in Macedonian history since antiquity, Pydna continued to flourish during Byzantine times. Together with Petra and Platamonas, they were the town-fortresses, which provided a strategic boost to the powerful administrative character of the area.
The temples of Dion, Kontariotissa, Petra, Eginio, Skotina, Kolindros, and Litochoro, along with the monasteries of Agios Dionysios in Olympus, Agios Georgios in Ritini and the Virgin Mary of Karachi in Kolindros evidence the splendour of the spiritual Christian history of Pieria.

There are many options for historical and cultural trails in Pieria. Taking into consideration his own interests and available time, the visitor can consult the Tourist Agencies of Pieria and select the journey, that meets best his preferences. Moreover, you may trace a route on the map and choose to use your own car and the good and safe road network.

Pieria is renowned for its natural beauty and monuments, which constitute an eternal attraction and evidence of its long history. It further combines a rich artistic and cultural background and provides the visitor with the opportunity to experience unforgettable moments in the land of the Gods.  Throughout summer, Pieria is transformed into a nucleus of artistic and cultural events, with the participation of famous members of the Greek and international global art scenes.


In the next part, we will share with you some of the best places to visit and/or stay and enjoy your vacation away from the noise, where everything is near Mount Olympus. Those all come highly recommended by Greeks.

Mediterranean Village

By the Sea, just below the Sun, at the foot of the Olympus, you will find the hotel complex Mediterranean Village, a modern five-star hotel resort. It is situated exactly by the sea on the beautiful beach of Pieria. The high-quality standard services, excellent hospitality, and the geographical position is a strong combination for you to make the right choice. The hotel has 176 luxurious rooms which are situated in several 2-level buildings. Apart from various wining and dining facilities, there is a lagoon-shaped pool, wonderful pool bar with sundecks and parasols and an excellent SPA centre. The hotel operates on a half board basis.
If you are going for luxury,  and don’t want to be bothered about little stuff, this is the right place for your holiday.
Even a glance with just one eye will south your every sense. Beach is so clear that the water has almost a periwinkle blue colour, and the only sound that you can hear is the waves slashing into the sand.
A perfect place to be pampered as you deserve. Here, everything is secondarily next to you, and you’ll feel that on every step you make.
Colours on the walls are soothing, there are beautiful decks, with umbrellas for calming event in the evening, not that by itself doesn’t look like paradise.
This resort is near Katerini in Greece, and near Paralia, so if you get to those places, you will have no trouble getting to this little village, that will high up all your senses.
The whole complex is made that there are enough places to park if you came by car, not that you’ll need it a lot. Pretty much everything you want or need, you will find here.
For dinners, there is no better place than here. You’ll have to choose between several great restaurants, but for the time you spend there, you’ll also have a great chance to try every single one of them. Erato is the main restaurant, then you’ll have a chance to try Italian pasta Greek way in Paprica restaurant, Il Gousto is a real Italian restaurant, where you can find everything authentic to Italy, Souvlaki Point is a ‘food to go’ place, but even that is an excellent example of how food to go can be quite great, Captain is everything you can need, you can refresh yourself with beverage, or have a great salad, or even lunch, or a desert, because they make everything that is natural in Greece, Dolce Crema is everyone’s desire, because, from coffee, and cakes, ice cream and smaller cookies, it will be hard to make a choice. Ammos is perfect if you want to rest from swimming because it is almost beside the water, right in the finest sand, and can make almost every beverage that you want.
Every room on the second floor has a beautiful terrace, which has a view to the sea, or it’s above the pools, or both, either way, the scenery itself will stunt you. Also, there is marble on the walls of every bathroom, on the floors too, and with great beds, you’ll spend the quiet nights of sleep here.
The whole complex is separated with gates, and that is for your security, so if you are looking for a place where everyone will be there for you, this is the place. It also has narrow streets, where you can stop and buy a souvenir, like a real small town, this place will fill your every desire.
From water sports you’ll have a great choice: from flyboarding the sea, to toys for those who don’t love swimming in salt water, from jet-skies to smaller boats, to water-skiing and surfing, you will find something that pleasures you.
Beside the pool, there is a spa where you can relax, get a facial, and massage. Sauna, steam bath and gym, of course, are part of the luxury resort. And more important for women are waxing and nail treatments, so you just got to chose, and all your wishes will come true.
Let’s not forget that on this large beach there are group parties for younger people, that lasts for 2-3 days, so if you are looking for some fun, you don’t need to vacate the village, the party will get to you.

( Hotel & Spa )

Danai Hotel & Spa welcomes you to Olympic beach and wishes you a pleasant stay in one of the most beautiful beaches at the foot of Mt. Olympus. The hotel was completed in 2010. It is one of the most modern hotels on the coasts of Pieria. It consists of 47 rooms total, among which are standard double rooms and suites. Hotel facilities and services include a swimming pool, sun beds & umbrellas, outdoor swimming pools, a gym room & spa, fitness, a bar, a restaurant, and a banqueting area, conference room…
The hotel offers half board service (buffet style, self-service).
This gem is just 8km from Katerini, and have so many offers. Their motto is ‘ Comfort, Luxury,  Services, Culture’, so guided by their own rules, you’ll find happy people here welcoming you to this beautiful hotel&spa.
All the rooms, together with bathrooms have soothing colours, that is not too bright, but not too dark, so when you come in the main area, you’ll feel relaxed already, after a long journey. The beds are amazing, and rooms are being cleaned every day, with new towels, and making your bed with new sheets, but only if you need them too.
They have an amazing pool, and most of the rooms have a view of the pool and the sea.
Nights are special here because there are not many bright places, everything is done with soft lighting, that is even in the pool, so the whole place lit up in the evening giving the relaxed feeling.
Of course, there is a spa, with many different treatments from the relaxing to the curing ones, like the massage with lava stones, sauna, massage from head to toe, and many of them are different also. You can literally choose which way you want to relax here.
Danai has its own part of the beach, and it is only a few meters away from the hotel. Just a reminder, sea water is pretty warm here, so if you are choosing between the sea and the pool, always chose the sea.
Also, let’s not forget to mention that in the hotel they have a great equipped gym for a good workout, and for couples, a smaller inside pool with warm water and waterfalls, enough for the whole family, but just as easy for a romantic evening for just two.
In some rooms are rustic furniture, where you can enjoy an earlier, simpler times, but also there are modern rooms, with all the rooms that are on the floor above, has a great view.
Also, a great thing about this place is that they deliver breakfast in bed, or if you are planning to go to the beach, they can make you a special package for you to enjoy your meal beside the sea.
Just to remind you that if you come here by car, you’ll have plenty of room for parking, reception opened 24/7, and they can help you with almost everything, all the way to storing your luggage for the whole duration of your stay.
If you can, be sure to have your vacation at this place.

Mediterranean Resort

The unique choice for those who seek a quality vacation. Within a walking distance from the centre of Paralia near Katerini and just 80 m from the coast with the golden beach. Mediterranean flavours and dishes, a rich wine cellar and other refreshments are offered by the hotel’s restaurant and snack bar. The hotel has 68 luxurious rooms, carefully decorated to offer a unique atmosphere and relaxation during your stay. This hotel is an ideal choice for a family holiday in the bustling resort, within easy access to the beach. Hotel is open all year. The hotel offers half board service (buffet style, self-service).

Porto del Sol

The Hotel Porto Del Sol is a newly renovated, small hotel which offers all kinds of facilities located at the scenic spot of the beach, with a magnificent sea view and the imposing Mount Olympus towering opposite of it. The hotel has 22 comfortable rooms an luxurious suites. Hotel is open all year. Hotel services and facilities include a well-equipped and welcoming lobby reception with room-service 24-hour basis, private parking cafe-bar restaurant on the ground floor, where guests can enjoy coffee, drink or meal overlooking the sea and tropical pain trees, breakfast room… The hotel offers a bed&breakfast service (American buffet, self-service).

Hotel & Spa

Very few places combine endless beaches with golden sand and clean sea, historical mountains and natural beauty, excellent tourist infrastructure and affordable prices like the Pieria region. Cosmopolitan Hotel&Spa is located in Paralia Katerini, near the beach. The hotel is brand new, modernly furnished, with innovative and impressive architecture, offering luxury services and facilities. The complex consists of 50 rooms and suites designed and decorated with particular emphasis to detail. The hotel offers half board service (buffet style, self-service).


Small, family-run hotel, located in the center of Paralia Katerinis, Hotel Ioni offers a nice comfortable stay. 24 nicely furnished rooms overlook the sea or the beautiful hotel garden where you will find peace and quiet in a green environment. The hotel is located about 20 m from the beach, across the street from the church in Paralia. Hotel facilities and services: breakfast room, garden, reception, small bar, safe deposit boxes at the reception, internet corner, laundry service, rent-a-car… The hotel offers bed&breakfast or half board service (breakfast-buffet, dinner-set menu served in the sister hotel Regina Mare, or in a tavern nearby)


Hotel Anais is a three-star beachfront hotel located in Korinos Beach of Pieria. The hotel’s newly renovated facilities are waiting to make your stay even more beautiful throughout the year. The hotel offers an amazing view of the world-famous mountain of Gods – Mount Olympus as well as the view of the amazing clear blue waters of the Mediterranean, and that’s why many guests choose it year after year. Hotel Anais consists of totally 60 spacious and sunny rooms.
The hotel offers half board service (buffet style, self-service).

Mediterranean Princess

The Mediterranean Princess hotel was built in 2008 at a distance of 120m from the sea and 400 m from the Paralia Katerinis. It is a 4-star hotel open all year round. Next, to the Lobby and the hotel terrace with a panoramic view of the swimming pool, there is a bar ‘Hibiscus’, which hosts theme nights and cocktail parties. All 75 rooms bear a unique designer style, equipped with all the modern commodities. The “Princess” of the Mediterranean hotels also has a conference room for a maximum of 200 persons. The hotel operates on half board basis (buffet style, self-service).

Regina Mare

A small family hotel located in the center of Paralia Katerinis, only 10 meters from the beach, hotel Regina Mare was completely renovated during 2006/2007. The hotel consists of 38 double, triple or quadruple rooms, operating during winter time. The hotel has three floors and an elevator, and it is suitable for disabled persons. The hotel lobby bar offers cocktails, long drinks, beer, wine, refreshments, and snacks. All rooms are nicely furnished and modernly equipped to provide comfort and relaxation during your holiday. The hotel offers bed&breakfast or half board service (breakfast – buffet, self-service, and dinner – choice of two meals).

Cavo Olympo
Luxury Resort & Spa

The Cavo Olympo Luxury Resort & Spa is the newest beach, health & wellness resort in the area, located steps away from the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea and set at the foot of the legendary home of the 12 ancient gods, Mount Olympus. Built of the finest materials, the hotel is focused on providing world-class luxury and comfort to its guests and promises to make your stay a truly unique and unforgettable experience. Cavo Olympo Luxury Resort & Spa offers multiple infinity pools, including a state of the art indoor facilities. The hotel operates on a bed&breakfast or half board basis.

Gold Stern

Hotel Gold Stern is located only 80 meters from the magnificent beach of Paralia Katerinis and town center as well. This small, family-run hotel offers a view of the town square and in its restaurant serves homemade family breakfast. The reception is open 24/7 and is ready to welcome you and fulfill all your needs while on vacation. All 16 rooms are comfortable, with two or three beds, providing an enjoyable stay at an affordable price.
Hotels offer bed&breakfast services (menu style)

Royal Palace

The Royal Palace Resort & Spa is a luxury hotel located in the heart of Platamonas opposite the harbor. The hotel is designed to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers. This brand new hotel complex consists of two buildings centered around an impressive swimming pool. It comprises of 17 spacious rooms and 2 luxurious suites, where everything is cared for to the very last detail. The hotel offers high-quality services in order to make your stay as comfortable and relaxing as possible. The hotel offers half board services (buffet style, self-service).

( Olympic Beach )

Located in a well-organized tourist area, which provides all the necessary comforts for an enjoyable and relaxing holiday, the newly built hotel Giannoulis welcomes you to Olympic Beach. It is built in 2009 on one of the most beautiful beaches in Pieria. All of the 38 rooms are spacious and modernly furnished. Hotel facilities and services include the outdoor swimming pool, pool bar, children pool, disabled persons friendly, reception desk, lobby area, breakfast room, parking…
The hotel offers bed & breakfast service (self-service, buffet style).

Poseidon Palace
( Leptokaria )

Poseidon Palace hotel is built on a 65.000 square meters deep green landscape, on the Leptokaria beach and within close distance of Olympus hills, combining a fantastic sea view with the stunning view of the “Mountain of the Gods”. The hotel complex consists of seven detached two-story buildings, with up to 500 beds capacity, beautiful, bright and luxurious rooms of all types, for all tastes and pockets.
The hotel operates on bed&breakfast, half board or all inclusive basis (buffet style, self-service).

Evilion Sea&Sun
( Nei Pori )

Evilion Sea & Sun Hotel is located only 80 meters from the beach, and close to Mount Olympus, the Platamon Castle, and ancient Dion. In Evilion Sea & Sun Hotel one can taste the feeling of freedom and privacy. This family hotel consists of two buildings, surrounding the outdoor pool – Evilion&Stilvi. All 50 rooms are comfortable and pleasant, some offering sea view. Near the pool there is a nice pool bar, which is a snack bar in our view, offering refreshments, and the sandy beach is organized and equipped with sun beds and umbrellas.
The hotel offers half board service (buffet style, self-service).

( Platamonas )

Built on the footsteps of the legendary Mountain Olympus and situated on the Platamonas port and 100m from the beach, Kronos hotel was recently renovated with 4 stars standards, offering a combination of high-quality services, excellent accommodation, and great hospitality. Kronos Hotel offers a range of accommodation with 60 modern and comfortable guestrooms, superior and family rooms recently upgraded and renovated with all the comforts. There is also a beauty center, a bar and a restaurant, outdoor pool, and beach water sports. The hotel operates on half board or all inclusive basis(buffet style).

Dion Palace
( Gritsa )

Dion Palace is a deluxe hotel complex built at the foot of the legendary Mount Olympus, near the ancient village Dion, right next to the sea. Set in magnificent gardens, in a quiet area, Dion Palace Hotel, all year open, offers a range of accommodation with 196 modern and comfortable guestrooms, suites, superior and family rooms recently upgraded and renovated with all the comforts. There is also the modernly designed spa & beauty center, which would make any management proud of. The hotel offers half board or all inclusive service (buffet style, self-service).

Olympian Bay
( Leptokaria )

Olympian Bay is a modern, four-star hotel ideally located in one of the most beautiful areas in Greece, in Leptokaria Pierias. About 1 km away from the center of the village, right on the beach, at the foot of the Mount Olympus and the nearby ancient town of Dion, Olympian Bay offers many advantages of a comfortable holiday. It consists of 124 comfortable doubles rooms and 4 suites located in the main building and 7 block bungalows with 140 rooms, each with balcony or veranda with easy access to the resort’s garden. The hotel offers all-inclusive service ( buffet style as well as self-service).

To finish off right where we started, with the five-star family resort, which well rounds our tour of Pieria Region.

Cronwell Platamon Resort

( Platamonas ) Children friendly place to enjoy your holiday!

This is a 5-star family resort, situated on the golden shore of the Aegean sea in the picturesque city of Platamonas. This place is unique: harmonious combination of the mountain area and magic coastline, the ideal neighborhood to such historical sights as Olympus and ancient castle of the 12th century Platamon turn usual beach hotel, into the historical center! Cronwell Platamon Resort was created especially for family holidays. We are glad to offer you  Ultra All Inclusive – system, and free accommodation up to 2 children in the room! Here you will find the ideal place for children’s entertainment and calm holidays for parents. Qualified hoteliers of Cronwell Hotels&Resorts have divided the territory into 2 zones: for children and for adults. Children’s infrastructure is located separately, in the area, isolated from other guests. The adults can enjoy the zone with their own swimming pool and bar, SPA-center, nightclub, and tavern. The vast area of Cronwell Platamon Resort covers 6 hectares: park zone, orchards, beautiful sandy beach, swimming pools with water attractions and fantastic landscapes! Feel the holiday atmosphere: sun, sea, amusements and legendary warmhearted Greek hospitality! Entertainment Center and children’s castle Platamon Palace will become summer season’s innovations. You don’t need to think about the organization of children’s leisure activities in advance. The unique park of water entertainment – “Splash Park” – is created for small guests of the hotel.

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