The Most Amazing Fountain

Among many other, at the least bizarre fountains and sculptures in this town is certainly this one, because “The Marriage Carousel” is a work of great art, but hits to the core of the souls of many people. Some may say that is scary, some would say true story, someone would mean all kinds of stuff, but no one will see this fountain and don’t have a piece of the mind itself or out loud.

The real name of the sculpture is “Ehekarussell” which can be translated as a “Marriage Merry-Go-Round'” Everyone who had the experience to see this fountain was surely amazed by the precise piece looking over one by one of the sculptures that make this masterpiece.

The Marriage Carousel

This work of giant artwork is so big that you won’t miss it even if you wanted to. This bronze sculpture was made by the artist Jürgen Weber in 1981. It was finished in 1984. If you look close enough and pay attention to the details, you will see that this sculpture represents two young people who fall in love and get married. When you start at the beginning of the sculpture you will see shape by shape one of the less presented side of married life.

At first, both young people have smiles on their faces, but during life having a child and many other things that happen in one’s life can go wrong, where at the end of the fountain two skeletons are at each other throats trying to kill one another. That’s why many think that the fountain is at the least controversial because of its size and some hidden truths about married life that everyone lived and went through when they were married.

The Marriage Carousel
The Marriage Carousel


Most of the people who make sculptures get their ideas from everywhere and from everything. It seems that the poem is named “Bitter-Sweet Married Life which was written in 1541 by poet Hans Sachs. Having that in mind, it doesn’t surprise that with the two lovers, at first, you can see all kinds of animals such as the pelican, duck, chameleon, geese chariots, and the goat trying to escape from the fountain.

The sculpture gets to all stages of married life and there on the spot you may see yourself in some of these stages and maybe teach you how to escape or repair some parts of yourself and your relationship. But in one of the corners of the fountain is a big heart made of stone. On that heart was carved text from the poem Bitter-Sweet Married Life which was the last thing that artist wanted to point out.


In Nuremberg is almost everything more or less near the Center of the town. If you take a tour which will pass by the “Weißer Turm tower” for sure you will see the fountain rising up. At the time it was made it was costly and City Council almost refused to pay for such an intrigue fountain. Today it’s one of the landmarks of the city and you can come straight to here by using the “Weißer Turm subway” or in German “U-Bahn” line U1.

The Marriage Carousel :
Address: Am Weißen Turm 90402 Nuremberg, Germany

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