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Heilig Geist Spital translated into English means ‘Holy Spirit Hospital’. It was made in the 14th century. Precisely, it was built in 1332 and was finished in 1339. By the patron of Konrad Gross, who wanted to make a safe place for people who were sick, old, or unsafe on the streets. This is the biggest hospital in Nuremberg now, and in the old days, it was the largest hospital in the Free Imperial City o0f Nuremberg.

Purpose of the Second part of the Hospital

In the days when the hospital was made at first to care for those who needed help and shelter from winter days as well as for those who needed extra help with care like elderly people and for those who didn’t have anywhere else to go to. In the 16th century, the building was extended by crossing over the Pegnitz river with the tunnel. During the Second World War somehow the hospital was not ruined, and this is one of the rare buildings that didn’t need to be repaired. Along with the hospital, there is a church that held Imperial treasure from Imperial Regalia all into the 18th century.
The regalia along with ‘Holy Lance’ appears to believers once a year at least the story tells. There is a worship show called Heiltumsweisung is 14 days after a Good Friday.

Senior home in Heilig Geist Spital

Senior home is in this part of the hospital, across the river, and it’s run great. Like in older days, older people will always find shelter in this part of the hospital no matter if they are part of the system or not. When the cold days come, everyone try’s to find shelter and a warm cup of tea or coffee, and a Church besides where everyone can take a place and rest.
Being made in 2 separate parts separated by the river when you cross over the tunnel or a bridge, you’ll find a great restaurant and part for elderly people who don’t have other options and require hospital care.

Restaurant in the Heilig Geist Spital 

The restaurant there is called the hospital Heilig-Geist-Spital Nürnberg and it’s run by Markus Wanninger. Many say that food is great and being just a bit far from the hospital you can enjoy your meal like you are not a part of any ward. It is temporarily closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but it will be opened as soon as possible. During pandemic today you should first try to make a reservation so you can be seated far enough from another table and especially from older people who can catch disease faster and with that it’s more lethal.


Holy Spirit Hospital is of great good to this town and its surrounding. The staff is great and professional but everyone hopes not to get to the hospital if not needed. Stay healthy and visit their restaurant when you can because of the great domestic food and the warm welcome you will receive in any part of the hospital you need. Germany is well known for the health care that they offer to their customers but for this region in Germany, Nurembergs Heilig Geist Spital will give you the best medical care in the whole county.


Spitalgasse 16
90403 Nürnberg
Bayern, Deutschland
Tel.: +49-911-221761
Fax.: +49-911-208655

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