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A Great Way to Start The Day

Main Market Square in the center of Nuremberg is the most exciting place that you will see. Everything around it is so beautiful that you won’t be able to decide what to visit first. This Market Place is well known around the world at any time of the year. This unusual wide space is mostly full during the wintertime when the festivities are great.


Nuremberg Main Square in German Hauptmarkt was the landmark of the city from a long time ago. It has been and still is the main place of gathering people since medieval times. During the whole year here you can find fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as homemade fresh pastry and other goodies that are homemade or made at the spot.
Except for German national dishes and art crafts that you can find here also Polish specialties, and Austrian stands with their traditional food and other stuff that you can take home and remember the best vacation that you will remember.

City of Angels

If you want to spend the best Christmas Eve and few days in Nuremberg around New Year is the best time to visit this great town. They have the tradition of Christkind which is a young girl that opens the ceremony of celebrating Christmas Eve. Every year Christmas Angel is a different girl, up to 16 years old, and with her magic wand, she starts festivities as you have never seen before. From the high, if you get the chance to have the look on the main market place you will see everything in red and white stripes of the Market stands. The smells and the lights that would be all around you, with small cakes and little gift hearts you would want to stay just a few days more.

Food and Crafts

There are few hundred stands where you can find all kinds of domestic specialties like bratwurst and pretzels made from the dough. There are other kinds of cousins if you don’t like Greman food, you can find everything you want to eat and you’ll be amazed what you can find here. There is also mulled wine if you are too cold and their traditional brewed beer of a sort. There are for sure more than a hundred different types of beer that you can choose from. In any case, you will be more than satisfied with the offerings that you will find there.
The most important thing that is important to say is that all the food that you will get to eat here is made from the City of Nuremberg ar from the mainland of Germany.
This is the celebration of life, respecting of every nation and religion, and they are all more than glad to welcome you to their town and their celebration. Here, you will never be alone, and if you come by yourself, you will find a friend in no time.
Main Market in Nuremberg is worldwide well known for spending your days off of work because here you will have the time of your life. Memories that you will bring from this place will last forever and you will be more than glad to come here at any time of the year but spending Christmas here is a memory that you’ll save for life.


Address: Hauptmarkt, 90403 Nürnberg, Germany
Phone: +49 911 2312691

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