Patmos – Karpathos


Patmos is a rocky barren island that must have been practically unknown in ancient times since it is very rarely mentioned by ancient writers. The Romans turned it into a place of exile. Here, Saint John spent some time in exile and during his stay in a cave he wrote his «Book of Apocalypse». The monastery of Saint John is a really interesting museum of Byzantine art and Christian tradition. Many of its manuscripts are famous the world over.


Karpathos is none other than the island known in ancient times as Tetrapolis. Its first inhabitants were Pelasgians, followed by Dorians. Its later history is similar to that of the other islands of the Dodecanese. In the village Olympus or Elympos, life has retained Its traditional color; the inhabitants wear traditional clothing, and their houses are hundreds of years old. All the major religious festivals are celebrated with Byzantine pomp, and many ancient customs live on.

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