Go Zakynthos

«Wooded Zakynthos» as Homer called the island, is the garden island lying opposite the north-western coast of the Peloponnese. Several times a day, car ferries ply between Kyllini and Zakynthos. This enchanting island was almost destroyed in the tragic earthquake of 1953.
The capital, also called Zakynthos, has been rebuilt in a modification of the original Venetian-style houses and spacious squares. Apart from numerous associations and traditions in poets, artists, and musicians, the island is rich in natural attractions.

The eastern coast, in the center of which is situated the town of Zakynthos, is surrounded by a low range of hills, on one of which stands a Venetian citadel and fort, while on the other is the plateau of Akrotiri, with its villas, gardens, orchards and olive groves.

Summer lasts from May to October in Zakynthos, and swimming, yachting, and fishing can be enjoyed in a glittering turquoise and emerald sea.


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