Florina – Serres – Drama – Philippi – Kavala


Florina is a commercial center charming 161 km west of Thessaloniki and only 18 km from the frontier post of Nike on the former Yugoslav border. Near Florina ( 22 km ) is the mountain refuge of Pissoderi, starting point for skiers and mountaineers.


Serres, one of the largest Macedonian towns center of the tobacco, cotton, and cereals trade preserve many monuments of its long history. The most interesting is the Byzantine City Wall on its acropolis, the Byzantine church of St. Nikolas, and the old Cathedral – Aghioi Theodoroi. Starting from Serres one can go on an excursion to Amphipolis, with its famous lion; to Kerdylia and its lovely coast, and lastly to Nigrita, with its famous mineral springs.


Drama is the chief town of the province by the same name. Having abundant waters, its verdure is very lush. The town, spread out on a fertile plain, is a tobacco growing center.


Philippi is only 25 km away from Drama. An important ancient city, it was built by Philip II, King of Macedonia, in 358 B.C. Some of its remains are the ancient theater, the Agora, the acropolis, a Sanctuary of Egyptian Deities, and others.

In 42 B.C. the famous battle between the forces of Brutus and Cassius on the one hand and those of Octavius, later Emperor Augustus, took place here at Philippi.
In summer ancient Greek plays are staged at the theater.


Kavala is an affluent town with a large harbor and modern buildings. Points of interest in it are the house of Mohammed Ali, founder of the Egyptian dynasty; the castle walls; the famous Imaret, the church of the Holy Virgin, and Saint Syllas’ Church.

There is also a museum that houses significant archaeological finds from eastern Macedonia and Thrace. Kavala also has lovely beaches at Nea Heraclitsa, Nea Peramos, Periyall, Aspri Ammos, and Keramoti.

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