Ossios Loukas – Arachova

Halfway to Delphi from Levadia the road turns to the left and leads to the 11th-century Monastery of Ossios Loukas.
Its Byzantine cathedral is decorated with splendid mosaics and it is architecturally one of the finest Byzantine monuments in the country. The view from the Monastery’s terrace is superb, taking in the whole of the green valley below. Most visitors to Delphi like to stop here for refreshments.

Some 6 km before reaching Delphi, coming from Levadia, the road ascends the slopes of Mount Parnassos winding its way through a rugged but magnificent landscape and passes through Arachova. This picturesque village clings on a rocky ledge on the slopes of the mountain.

Its main street is lined with shops displaying a wide range of local handicrafts, including the well-known «flokati» rugs. Eastertime is one of the most colorful religious events in Arachova with an open-air feast, folk dances, and the original contest of the “Race of Old Men” on a slope of Mount Parnassos.

The Parnassos Ski Center is accessible from Arachova along a good road ( 23 km ) which leads to the area of Fterolaka. There is an organized Ski Center at an altitude of 1,650-2,000 meters.

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