Arta – Metsovo – Preveza


Arta is situated on the River Arachthos and its plain is fertile and intensively cultivated. As early as the 13th century it was the capital of the Despotate of Epirus, a Byzantine principality.
Overlooking the town is a medieval fortress. Of interest in Arta is the 18th-century bridge which spans the river and the 13th-century monastery of Panayia Parigoritissa.


Metsovo has a character all of its own. It is situated up in the mountains some 60 km north-east of Ioannina, on the slopes of the Pindus range.
It is a quaint tow and extremely picturesque with many of its inhabitants still wearing their colorful costumes. Lots of the houses are small museums in themselves, displaying as well as producing many of the local handicrafts.


Preveza lies on the shores of the Ambracian Gulf and can be reached along the road that branches off to the right before coming into Arta. It is a pretty and peaceful town surrounded by olive groves on one side, while across the narrow stretch of the sea lies the island of Lefkas.
Ancient Nikopolis is near Preveza. Its surviving remains include the Temples of Poseidon and Ares, the city walls, and two theatres.

The boat trip along the Acheron river, where the Ancient Greeks believed the entrance to Hade’s lie, is unique and mysterious.
A kind of “Grand Canyon” of Europe is the Vikos Ravine ( 30 km north of Ioannina ) with its 45 idyllic villages known as the Zagorochoria.

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