Volos – Pelion

Volos is a pleasant provincial town at the head of the Gulf of Pagassae ( Pagassitikos ). It has two main Interests. On the one hand, it is a thriving industrial center and a commercial port, especially concerned with fruit, and on the other, it is a popular holiday resort with safe bathing and excellent facilities for entertainment and relaxation.

Volos museum is exceptionally rich in exhibits, some of which are considered unique. The tombstones are not only of great artistic value but also serve as historical “documents”. They are rectangular pieces of marble with pediments as was usual in antiquity. Of these, twenty have preserved their paintings almost intact.

The main streets of Volos all bear names of Pelion’s proud past – Jason, Iolkos, Demetrias. The waterfront is aptly called the quay of the Argonauts. It is here that the town’s modern hotels and seafront caffées are situated.

Mount Pelion is the celebrated, densely forested abode of the ancient Greek gods and heroes, and the scene of many colorful and dramatic adventures in Greek mythology. Here, Eris set the Golden Apple of Discord rolling at the wedding feast of Peleus. Jason set out with the Argonauts in quest of the Golden Fleece, and the Titans made a futile attempt to pile Pelion on Ossa.

Mount Pellon’s 24 picturesque villages nestle on the slopes of the mountain, among chestnut trees, olive groves, peach, apple, and pear orchards. A well-surfaced road follows the coast for some distance before veering inland to begin its steep climb. The distinctive architecture of Pelion’s houses is unique; tall buildings with Iron doors and small wrought-iron windows on the ground floor. They cling to the mountainside, three-storied In front and single-storied at the back, which is level with the road or pathway.

From its highest peak, called Pourlanos Stavros, rising to a height of 1,651 meters, down to its last straggling foothills at Trlkeri, Pelion is lush and green.

Starting from Volos and traveling either northwards or eastwards it is an ideal way to see some of Pelion’s best-known villages, beaches, and beauty spots, among them Ano Volos, Portaria, Makrynitsa, Hania, Zagora, Tsangarada, Milopotamos beach, Milles, Argalasti, Trlkeri, Vyzitsa, Afissos, Kala Nera, Aghios Ioannis, Kissos, Chorefto.

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  1. Judging by the pictures, and the text, this place sounds like a real paradise on earth…every place is in walking distance, and the fact that there is not much cars and people, because of all the rocks and mountains, sound like a real place for good rest. When you need to escape from all loud places, you just use your legs, and you can have piece and quiet as long as you want.

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