SPORADES ( Skyros, Skiathos, Skopelos, and Alonissos )

The four islands Skyros, Skiathos, Skopelos, and Alonissos are situated opposite the northern-east coast of Euboea. They are known as the Northern Sporades and all four are accessible from Volos by boat.
Life on these Islands ambles along at a leisurely pace, offering simple, carefree holidays with time for lazing in the sun, swimming, underwater fishing, and skin diving.

Skiathos has only one nine-kilometer stretch of road hugging the southern coast with its many lovely bays. It links the town with Koukounaries, the famous stony pine grove, and the beach.
Around Skiathos, there are no less than 9 smaller islets. Two of these lie across the main harbor. Skiathos is green, peaceful, and idyllic, with a wooded hill rising to 438 meters.

Skopelos is gaining in popularity nowadays with those who want a quiet holiday away from the crowds.
Apparently, the island was a Cretan colony in prehistoric times and there are a fair number of ruins scattered on its 96 square kilometers. Much of it is cultivated with fruit trees and there are olive trees everywhere.

Alonissos has an area of only 62 square kilometers and is oblong, with a precipitous northwestern coastline and hilly interior. It has some small fertile plains but the islanders are mainly occupied with fishing.


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  1. …and so, every year, more and more people find out about this place, and in a couple of yeas, it won’t be peaceful resort for all the people who wants a quiet vacation, it will became a noisy, loud place, with a lot of people who don’t have respect for anyone except themselves. That’s the main problem with beautiful places like this one…sad, but truth!!!

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