Paxi – Antipaxi – Lefkada

To the south of Corfu, near the shores of Epirus, are two small islands called Paxi and Antipaxi only 19 square kilometers in area.
They have recently been developed into fascinating tourist resorts with comfortable bungalows and fine sandy beaches below the olive groves. Covered with dense subtropical vegetation, they offer a delightful retreat away from the crowds.

Lefkas is very near the Greek mainland and it can easily be reached from Preveza. The island can be explored at leisure by following a dense network of good roads. It is a mountainous island with several small plains and beautiful beaches.
Lefkas shares the same historical background as the rest of the Ionian Islands. Recent excavations at Nydri have brought to light several prehistoric remains which prove that the island enjoyed a high standard of civilization in prehistoric times.

Lefkas has not been developed for tourism and for that reason appeals to those who seek a simple holiday by clear blue seas.
There are excellent beaches ( Aghios Nikitas, 27 km from the town, Lygia, Nydri, Ai-Yiannis, and Vassiliki ).

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