A Gulet from Bodrum to the Northern Greek Islands

The Eastern Mediterranean

The Eastern Mediterranean has become increasingly popular among sailors. The Aegean and its islands offer a great experience and if you pick a mavi boncuk gulet you can sail those seas for your next holiday. Bodrum is a great place to set sail and it is just half an hour from the international airport, Bodrum-Milas has regular direct flights from many regions of Europe throughout the months from Easter around to the approach of winter. The climate through all the weeks and months is excellent.
There is unlikely to be a cloud in the sky especially in the height of summer. Suntans are guaranteed and the gentle breeze as you sail along will develop them even quicker than the sun would do otherwise.

You can be aboard your gulet just a few hours after you have left home with the prospect of visiting some lovely islands.

  • Kos is due west of Bodrum and was the former home of Hippocrates whose name is still associated with medicine today. In common with all the Greek Islands your captain will raise the Greek flag as your boat enters Greek waters and sails into the impressive harbour of Kos Town. The Town has plenty of bars and restaurants and plenty of history to enjoy. The island itself is long and narrow with lovely coves and beaches.
  • Pserimos, in contrast to Kos, has just 150 inhabitants. It is a tiny island which is great for swimming and a chance for your captain to buy any supplies the boat might need.
  • Xerakampos is a small village on Leros which remains a naturally beautiful island that has lost none of its charm. It is an island mentioned by Homer in his writings about the Trojan Wars. It did spend some time under Turkish rule though when the Greeks got independence in 1829 it was actually Italian and not regained by the Greeks until the Second World War.
  • Lipsi is the next island north of Leros and is known for its honey and cheese. The local wine is great as well while the local churches date back to Byzantine times.
  • Patmos is mentioned in the Book of Revelation in the Old Testament. It is a pilgrimage site for Christians and most head for the cave where John was said to have received the revelation.
  • Kalymnos is the third most populous of the Dodecanese Islands after Rhodes and Kos. It was part of the Ottoman Empire until briefly coming under Italian control until the Second World War. It is largely mountainous, popular with rock climbers, and is famous for its sponges. It is not especially fertile with citrus fruits the only notable crop but tourism offers a great contribution to the economy.

There are few opportunities to see these lovely small islands of the Dodecanese unless you charter a boat from sailturkey.net. You have an itinerary to follow but also independence. When day trips have to head back to port you can stay wherever you are and watch the sun go down as the crew prepare dinner. You can escape for a few days in these islands and return back to Bodrum with a host of memories.
During the long winter nights ahead you will have your memories and photos to keep you going. Many people who take a charter for the first time immediately think they will do it again and why not? There are several different itineraries out of Bodrum and elsewhere on the beautiful Turquois.

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