Phaestos – Gortyna – Aghia Triada – Matala


Another Minoan palace has been found in the ruins of Phaistos ( 64 km from Heraklion ). It has an imposing entrance with a remarkable enormous flight of steps.

Phaestos was a rival city of Gortyna ( 47 km from Heraklion ) where were found many interesting inscriptions and among them the famous “God of Gortyna” ( a stone plaque with the laws of the city of the 6th century B.C. ).

Aghia Triada

The ruins of a Minoan villa have been found at Aghia Triada ( 13 km from Phaestos, close to the sea ), as well as some beautiful Cretan vases and gobbets.

Eastwards from Heraklion, along a good asphalt road that follows the contours of the coast in a series of serpentine bends, there are empty beaches, bays, and plains that slope down to the sea. Where the land is already town escape there are hotels, bungalows, and restaurants.


The remains of this Minoan Palace are similar to those of Knossos and Phaestos. Walk around and photograph this enigmatic palace, and then make your way down to the fabulous beach.

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