Chaniotis a true Vivid Paradise on Kassandra Peninsula

Chaniotis a true Vivid Paradise on Kassandra Peninsula 3

Chaniotis ( Chanióti , Hanioti ) is a peninsula on the easter part of Greece. It’s on Kassandra, in Chalkidiki which is the ‘fist finger’ of three of them.
The first bigger town that is near to the Chaniotis is in Thessaloniki. About 90 km is from Thessaloniki to the Chaniotis.


It is one of the most common tourist attractions in Greece. It’s just 3 km from Pefkochory. Unlike most of the country, these places are only 10 meters above the sea ground.

What to see in Chaniotis

Hanioti town

This place, like many of the tourist places, has many things to offer to its visitors. During the winter this place has about 1000 people who permanently live there. But during the summer number of people who are there crosses over this sum many, many times.
Being a good host takes a lot of time hard work. To satisfy all the needs of their tourists Chaniotis has it all from calm beaches to loud party’s.

The first place to see in Chaniotis is certainly Chaniotis Beach. If you want to see art pieces are hidden in The Gallery – workshop Mosaic 24.
There are many places for kids to have fun. If your kids don’t want to be in the sand for some reason, you can take them to the ‘ Fun & Drive’ and ‘Fun & Golf’. Also, there is Fairytopia for kids from 2 to 12 years old, which is the safest place to lay for all the children that come there.
For those in love that came to Chaniotis, there is a ‘Love Street Bar’
Also, many things change from year to year, so every year you can expect new kinds of fun every year you visit Chaniotis.


The Best Chaniotis Hotels

Hanioti Hotel

This is one of the first hotels in Chaniotis. It’s a family-run hotel and your hosts will be more than glad to see you there. During the time, the hotel was renovated, and now has a modern look from the outside, but inside you will see what was saved from the old days.
If you get bored with just laying on the fine sand, this hotel offers among the other things, walks, and trips that will make your stay more fun.

Also, there is cycling, with tracks that are made for bikes, and scuba diving. As usually, hotels like this one have pedal boats, paragliding, windsurfing, water-ski, and many other fun and new things to try.

Art Boutique Hotel

If you want real luxury this hotel is the right place for you. Not only that this is one of the most visited hotels but here you can enjoy real art craft all over the place. Here you can feel in every room that you are in Greece. With unusual wall’s in all the rooms, to the little Greek statues, everything here will amaze you.

It is crucial to mention that not only do they have authentic surroundings, but all that you will eat there is homegrown. Everything from fresh fish, to the olives homemade yogurt, creams, and meat, and to top it off is their wine.
Located on the seaside you will have one of the best vacations that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Hilltop Hotel

This is one of those hotels that offers everything for its guests. It may have a better name, because, except the usual pampering that every visitor gets here, they plan your party’s and the most unusual of all is that here you can get married.

If you want your special day to be really special, you should book the place on time, and leave everything to the staff, that will make your day more than special. Everyone will tell you that planning the wedding is pretty hard to do, but if you leave your special day to the staff that is ready for you every day, you can relax on your vacation and just wait for the staff to arrange your special day.
Like all the others, this hotel has everything that you need to rest, it has a big pool, and all the accommodation you’ll need to take the stress of getting married.

Hanioti Melathron

This hotel is in the center of Chaniotis. It is only 80 meters from the seaside. Once, this hotel was the part of the other hotel named Hanioti Palace, but in 2013 was separated, and renewed room by room, and now it’s one of the places that have 4 stars and great offers for the customers.
Unlike smaller apartments, here you can enjoy in more space than many other hotels. It has Wi-Fi, air-condition, phone, TV, and a tub instead of just a shower.

Lesse Hotel

Lesse Hotel is about 90 km from Thessaloniki and a hotel with 4 stars. If you want to rest, and not being disturbed, this beauty is the real place for you. Sometimes people do not take care of the children, but this hotel does. It has a playground for kids and a smaller pool for those who can’t swim yet.

Dionysos Hotel 

This is one of the greatest rated hotels in Chaniotis. Most of the good standing people love to rest in Greece, having nothing to do and have someone else do all the things for them. With 5 stars rated on almost every comment on this place, have nothing but great things to say about this beauty beside the sea.

Ostria Sea Side Hotel

The advantage of this hotel is that is so near the sea, that you can take 10 steps, and have your feet in waters already.
It has its own pool, which is opened all the time, for the visitors that are guests of the hotel. Also, there is a restaurant the serves the best and organic food that are from Greece, but also they have all kind of cookings in the world. That’s why people love to stay here because every day is a new experience. You’ll have your own piece of mind, be well feed, had fun for kids, and for the lady’s massages and spa services up to the 10 hours PM.

The Best Tavern in Chaniotis

Magnolia Mediterranean Restaurant
Location: Kasandra,+30 2374 051471, Chaniotis;
Phone number: +30 2374 051471;
Open hours: 12.30 P.M. 11:30P.M.
This is the place where you can get good and fresh seafood. Unlike the taverns in the center of the town, here you can enjoy a great view of the sea.

Nefeli Garden Restaurant
Location: Chaniotis, 630 85, Greece;
Phone number: +30 693 832 1556;
Open hours: 10:00A.M – 12:00A.M.

Colibri Greek Taverna
Location: Chaniotis, 630 85, Greece
Phone number: 2374 053851
Almost all Taverns in Chaniotis and restaurants have mostly their national food, but there are always some of the guests that have their special desires. When in Greece, everyone will try to meet your demands in every place you want to eat.

Arhontiko Restaurant Steak House
Location: Main Street 630 85
Phone number: +30 2374 053763
Open hours: 11 A.M. – 11:45 P.M.
As the name says, for the meat lovers this is a great place. The best meat and other food are made in Greece and almost every tavern and restaurants with proud always say that their food is local, made in Greece.

Capari Restaurant & Pizzeria
Location: Chaniotis, 63077, Greece
Phone number: +30 2374 053343
Open hours: 09:00 AM 11:45 PM
This place is called a hidden gem, where everyone is really satisfied with everything. The food is great, and one of the places where you can get pizza with great wine from the local cellar.

Halkidiki & Hanioti Nightlife

Halkidiki is a great summer destination, but also is the perfect place with the most vivid nightlife. Hanioti offers a more relaxed nightlife scene focused on cocktail and lounge bars. Some of the most reputable bars are Afros and Paralio Cocktail Bar.

Chaniotis a true Vivid Paradise on Kassandra Peninsula 4 ! There aren’t any banging nightclubs

Best beaches in Kassandra ( near Chaniotis )

Chaniotis Beach

In the first place its Chaniotis Beach. On this beach, you can find everything you will need for one day, so if you love fine sand and clear water, this is the right place for you.
Here you’ll find places to get your food and lay in the sun and other taverns where you can sit and have your meal under the parasol and indoor every place has air condition.

Naias Beach

This beach is just a bit louder than others because they offer more than just swimming and laying in the sand.
 There is a dock where little boats can leave their water vehicles and other fun things like pedal-boat and other fun stuff to do.
The hotel that has the same name as the beach and it is located near the beach and the beach itself is great.

The wast part of the beach is private and if you are looking for a good place to rest your mind, this is the right beach for you. About 10 minutes from the center of the town by walk, and all other things you can easily find on the beach or in one of the shops that are going all the way to the center of the town. You can find whatever you need for more comfort at the beach.

Grecotel Margo Bay & Club Turquoise

If you want some peace and quiet this is the perfect place for you. They have a large private beach where you can relax without many people and turquoise water in front of you.
Also, they have opened pools where you can relax if you don’t like sand that much. One of the great things about this place is the short walking tour is the botanical tour which is rare for this part of the country. But they do it and are very proud of that.
When the nights come, there is night entertainment where younger people can have some fun.

Pefkochori Beach

Pefkochory Beach is also worth being on. It has the same fine sand on the beach and also the place to rest, eat, drink, and have fun. It is also a quiet beach where you can read a book with the sound of the waves calming you down.
The only objection to this great beach is that when you enter the water, bit by bit rocks are getting bigger and all beaches have big stones under the water.

Polichrono Beach

One of the rare places where you can stay 24/7. They never close, there is no security to tell you that ‘ It’s closing time’, you can stay and have fun during the night as well as during the day. Highly recommended by all the people that were there. One of the great things you can do at this place is scuba-diving. The most amazing fish live here and they are all used to humans so this is the experience that everyone should try.

Pictures that describe the best how good is to be in Chaniotis

Chaniotis orthodox church
Orthodox Church
Chaniotis Morning sun is rising
Chaniotis Morning sun is rising
Chaniotis Beach
Chaniotis Beach
Chaniotis Tavern, Chaniotis-Kassandra-Halkidiki-Greece
Chaniotis Tavern, Chaniotis-Kassandra-Halkidiki-Greece
Chaniotis Nights
Chaniotis Nightlife
Chaniotis Beach
Chaniotis Beach

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