Palic and Palic Lake

Palic is located in northern Vojvodina. It is 8km from Subotica and about 25 km from the border with neighboring Hungary. It is surrounded by national parks and four lakes: Palic, Youth, Ludos, Peat. The greatest attention of local and foreign tourists is attracted to events that are dedicated to fostering the tradition of folk customs. Subotica event with the longest tradition is certainly “Duzijanica”. Subotica is a city of festivals.

The most important festivals are the International Festival in Palic – European Film Festival and the Children Theatre in Subotica, which bring together several artists and other guests from around the world. Featured are music festivals like Summer 3p-a, a Trenchtown, there are numerous events as Ethnofest, Labor day picnic, sporting or entertainment events, and other events.

Special offers for children formed proudly present and cherish for years.
The youngest can enjoy riding ponies, playing field, Easter workshops as well as workshops that are organized during the year. Here are some such as straw, leather, clay, wool, craft, plastering, painting, cooking…

Water tower

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  1. If you decide to visit Palic lake, you will be amazed what Serbia have to offer. At first glance, everything is so straight and smooth, you would think that your eyes can’t see the end. There are fields of wild flowers, fields of wheat as long as your eyes can see, so the lake, naturally looks like a little blue dot from far away. When you come near, you can see how beautiful our nature is, and see-trough blue water. It’s best in the summer days, but also in the spring time it’s nice to spend a bit of time there. Enjoy!!

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