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It’s a common knowledge that Thassos in Greece have so many beaches ( Paradise beach , Golden beach Thassos , Makriamos beach … ) it would be too hard to count all of them. It is a paradise of its kind, and we assure you, that you will find something for your taste, even if your standards are very high.

golden beach

So, as we said, there is a beach for everyone – from those sandy beaches to several of them with a big or small rocks, from wild, not maintained beaches, to urban ones, which include everything you ever could of wish for in a beach, of course, there are some of them with a lot of shades, and those which will expose you to sun , till you had enough for the whole year round. We must say that everyone have its own taste in summer tine, and there for, here are some suggestions what you might like when you visit Thassos island :

  • Golden beach – roughly about 40km from Potos, going eastern shore, and 14km from Limenas
  • Saliara beach – 4km from Makryammos
  • Paradise beach – 30km from Potos or some 24km od Limenas
  • Makriamos beach – 2km traveling east shore from Limenas
  • Aliki beach – 20km from Potos traveling east
  • Psili ammos beach – 7km from Potos to the east
  • Pachis beach – 10km from Limenaria to the west, and 42km from Potos
  • Atspas beach – 7km from Limenaria towards Prinos
  • Notos beach – 1,5km from Potos east coast
  • Tripiti beach  – 2,5km from Limenaria on the west

Taking the ferry-boat from Keramoti one can cross to the green island of Thassos, a natural paradise. It is the northernmost Aegean island and a first class tourist center . The island’s economy rests on its timber and the export of lead, iron and antimony. The oil deposits discovered in the nearby region of Prinos now afford opportunities for considerable exploitation.

Almost the whole of Thassos is one vast museum with rich collections of relics dating from its heyday in Classical times. The archaeological excavations have brought in light the ancient Agora, a Theatre, ancient settlement, the commercial port, the city wails, the acropolis, Pan’s Sanctuary and many other interesting remains. The large number of monuments attests to the great prosperity of ancient Thassos, which made it the apple of discord between the city-states of Athens and Sparta.

Among the great men of Thassos were the painter Polygnotos and the writer Androsthenis who followed Alexander the Great in his campaigns. The most interesting remains of ancient times are the Theatre (originally built in the 4th century), the acropolis, the Agora, the Sanctuaries of Poseidon and Dionysos and others. In the museum one can see fine specimens of Ancient and Archaic art. The capital of the island (Limin or Thassos) and the seaside and inland villages are picturesque and quiet.

Here are some pointers for you, to choose with more ease, which way to go, and surely, if you find something for your taste, you don’t need to wander around, we will describe every of them in a best way that we can :

1. Golden Beach Thassos

Golden beach Thassos is the one of the most popular and the most beautiful in the east of the island.Similar to Paradise beach, it have a sandy beach, and the sand is so fine, that every step you make on the beach will made you feel like walking on clouds. The waves are just the right size, so you can enjoy it from the inside of the see as well as from the beach itself.
One of the perks of this beach is that is occupied with restaurants and coffee shops, where you can just relax in your
swimsuit, without having to change your clothing for brunch, lunch or supper….you can just relax, and the staff on the beach will attend to your needs….

Golden beach is about 1,5km long, and If you have small children who like to play in the sand then Golden beach is a great choice.

Golden Beach. Thassos Island. Greece. Ronald Saunders from Warrington, UK / CC BY-SA

2. Saliara beach

Saliara beach is a place of it’s own, different from all the others. The beauty of this place, and the color of the sea is something that can’t be explained with words. You will find this beach if you turn right from the ramp from Makryammos. This was once a wild beach, but now it’s equipped with everything one beach should have. The dirt road which leads to it is about 4 km long, but if you decide to go there, you won’t regret it.
There, they have deckchairs and parasols, and if you order a drink, you will get both of them for free.
The whole coast is covered with white marble pebbles, and when you look across the beach, you will get the feeling that you are standing in the snow. Because of the glow of the pebbles, and the sun reflecting of them, we recommend that you wear sun glasses, otherwise, you’ll be having trouble looking, after a while. 
Real pleasure emerges at the moment you get into the water. You will be astonished by the color of the water, because that shade of blue is something that words can’t describe. We doubt you will be able to get out of the water any time soon! The feeling is indescribable, and it’s surely something you have to see and feel, to realize why it’s called “The marble beach”.

Saliara beach

3. Paradise beach 

Paradise beach is a real piece of heaven on earth, and that is why it’s the first on the list. The answer why it’s on the first place is simple, the fine sand on the beach is so refine , and it is on the shore, as well as in the water. Similar to Golden beach with a families with small children is ideal, because the shallow water is long about 30 meter from the coast.

The second thing about this beach are the waves, which will make you feel visually satisfied, and a great way for you to get rid of all your bad energy, which we all carry with us…struggle with the waves will make your negative energy disappear, leaving you with a smile on your face, and a all good energy within you. Whatever mood you are in, when you get to the Paradise beach, all yous worries will get lost in the waves. Even the smallest of children enjoy in the waves, giggling with they efforts to jump over the waves.
The left side of the same beach is reserved for nudists, but we must point out that there is a lot more of them on the other side of the rock, and in small coves, which surround this beach.
The only downside of this magnificent place is the access to the beach. There is a dirt road, which become narrow at one point, and therefore, most of the people decide to walk to come to the beach, and leave their cars at the edge of the main road. But, there are people who get there wit their cars, and find a nice parking place, beside beach.
At the beach, they have a small restaurant, and a coffee place, and the shower with drinking water, which cost 50 cents.

4. Makryammos beach

Makryammos beach is the only beach on Thassos where you don’t need an entrance fee. It’s placed only 2 km from Limenas to the east.
This is actually the best arranged complex of bungalows, amusement parks, a pool, and it’s equipped for every kind of sport you would wish to play, when on the beach. If you have a big family, this is the right place for you! Have in mind that the most of the beaches on Thassos are wild beaches, and this one is a real family place, where you can enjoy everything, along with your family. Since the entrance on the beach is free, to join the complex will cost you 3 euro, except for the children, which can enter for free. The prices are little higher than on the other beaches, but it’s a cost for all the amusing stuff you have there not just for you, but for the each and every one member of your family. The beach itself is sandy, and beautiful. If you are the family men or woman, this is the right place for you.

Makriamos beach

5. Aliki beach

Aliki beach truly deserve to be on the top of this list, but maybe, just maybe in the winter time. Sure it have all the benefits that one beach should have, but here is why it’s so low on our scale…
Known for it’s better status among the other beaches, every one wants to be there. In the middle of the summer, in August, for example, if you go there, you can barely find the place to put your towel on the sand, and it’s a place where all the Greeks comes to spend their vacation, or just a weekend, so in the middle of all the clutter, not only you won’t have a place for your towel, you wont even have a place in your mind to think from all the noise. So, because of its beauty, everyone wants to be exactly there, and if you want to be on the loud beach with a small place for yourself, this is the place for you, but, if you want your piece of mind, quiet place, you should choose some other beach.  

6. Psili amos beach

Psili amos beach is the beach which doesn’t catch you on the first sight. This is one of those places, that first sight is not always right. Sand on this beach is slightly different, it’s soft, and really pleasant. Water is a bit colder than on the other beaches. The one thing that catches the eye are the rocks on the left side of the beach, where you can catch enough sun, and a nice tan. This is one of the rare places where you can come in the winter, and feel great about coming there. Psili amos is one of the rare beaches where you can hear the music playing. In August you can even catch some of the reggae parties from nearby bars.

7. Pahis beach

Pahis beach is the best known beach for the shades along the whole coast. It’s a place where you can rent a deckchairs, and it’s a great place for families with small children ( like the Golden Beach ). If you love shaded beaches, this is the real place for you, especially because pine trees are spread along the whole beach, and the sent from pine trees mixed with sea water, influence every sense in your body. Besides, it have a shallow water and find sand. On this beach you have one coffee shop, and one restaurant, where you can relax, and enjoy your day.

8. Atspasbeach

Atspasbeach is a small beach on the entrance to Skala Maries when coming from Laminaria. This small beach is visible from the main road, and for its peace and quiet, and shallow water, it’s perfect for families with children. Water is crystal clear, and sometimes, you can see an octopus, aside from other sea wildlife, like the fish or the sea stars, to the seahorses and crabs. There are deck chairs, as well as a net for volleyball, so aside from getting tanned, and swimming, you can also play various sports on this beach.

9. Notos beach

Notos beach was, till just a few years ago, a wild place surrounded by a big cove. No one knew about this little piece of heaven. It became known when all the other places where over populated, and internet had a lot to do with promoting this place. Path that leads to this little beach is too steep, so be careful if you decide to spend you vacation there.

10. Tripiti beach

Tripiti beach takes a last spot on our list, and it’s for a good reason. Beach itself is not such a bad place, but when you get into the water, you will step on the largest rocks, and some of them are sharp, so it can be a hazard if you go barefooted. This beach is placed 2,5 km from Limenaria on a path to Skala Maries. It’s a big, long beach, and it’s never to crowded. On the right side of the beach are small pebbles, while the rest of the beach is covered with big rocks. Tripiti is a place with peace and silence, and, apart from the rocks, which some people love in beaches, it can be enjoyable.

Beside our top 10 list, there are many of other beaches which you can enjoy visiting Thassos. Among them there are Roso Gremos, Glifoneri, La Scala, San Antonio, and many other. So, if you have in plan to visit Greece, have in mind Thassos with its beautiful beaches, and we hope that our guide through them will take you to the place just for you. We sincerely hope hat we made a choice of your destination for a perfect vacation much easier.

Enjoy Thassos! Enjoy Golden beach Thassos! 

Thassos Greece
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