Mediterranean jewel Finike – the beautiful legacy of the ancient time


If you want to afford an unforgettable experience and a vacation that you will remember, you should definitely consider a visit to Finike, Turkey. This place will help you feel all the magic of ancient life in the modern world, to enjoy the richness of what has remained from earlier times, and at the same time be a part of interesting all-day doings in the Marina.

Inspiring Finike through history

For all lovers of Antalya, who do not like turbulent tourist spots and urban areas, Finike can be really an excellent choice. It is enough to look at some of Finike Turkey’s photos and understand why this place attracts people who like to relax and enjoy their leisure time. This place dates from ancient times and used to be known under the name Phoenicus, also formerly Phineka. At the time of the ancient Egyptians, this was the home of Lycians. Even at that time, they enjoyed all the blessings of this coastal town, which they used as a port that has led to numerous neighboring islands.

Finike is now home to fishermen and agricultural people. The most tasteful oranges come from this place and thus people here like to work in the fields rather than dealing with tourism. The small port has become a beautiful marina where you can see many interesting yachts. If you like quiet places where you can have a nice rest, this is definitely the place for you. This quiet place, in the district not so close, but still in Antalya, will give you relaxation and peace that you have probably been able only to dream about.

Beautiful beaches on which this city lies are well-known for the fact that on them one can see a wealth of natural beauty, including the particularly interesting sea turtles. The sea has lots of different kinds of fish, so visitors can enjoy various types of local specialties of seafood and deliciously prepared fish.

Ancient Roman Forum And Graves

From the time of ancient Lydians, Roman Forum remained as the real fortune, the fantastic Myra Theater, which gives that feeling of power and stability. After many centuries, this cultural heritage has not lost its beauty and grandeur. View from the top of the theatre toward the center will make you feel part of the atmosphere that reigned many years in the past while spending some time in the central lower part of this building will let you hear your voice as loud as a hundred voices together.

This Theater is the legacy of the ancient Romans who left their stamp in this region. Even even though Finike was the place attacked and wished by Persians, Syrians, Egyptians, and Rhodes, still, only the ancient Romans and Byzantine forces were the only ones who were able to penance and create part of its history.

However, when you decide to visit the Roman Forum, certainly you will not remain indifferent when your eyes reach the Ancient Graves located nearby. These are Phoenician graves and you can see them coming out of the mountains. These graves were richly decorated, and for this reason, were subject to attacks of bandits and robbers. After such attacks, they remained mere tombs, but still enough to attract a fascinating view of anyone who loves to visit historical places of interest.

Undersea City Tours, Arykanda And Limyra

The undersea city is one of the main attractions that visitors can visit. It is located near Kekova island and can be reached only by renting a boat from the locals. After a short trip through the vastness of the sea, you will reach the location between the islands, where you can see Lycian’s tombs. This is all that remains of this city because it, unfortunately, was hit by an earthquake.

In addition to Undersea city, one more place worth visiting is Arycanda ( Arif ). This is one of the ruined cities of ancient Lycians, located in the middle of the highway which comes to Finike from Elmali. What can still be seen of its remains are the Stadium, the State Agora, a cathedral, an Odeon, and few baths which Lycians used many years before.

Limyra is another ancient city that Lucian’s called Zemu. At this point, one can see also a lot of interesting things. Next to the church, and several theatres, visitors can also enjoy a tour of the Xatabure tomb, as well as other interesting sights.

However, this content is only a part of different stories we can tell about fantastic Finike. The beauty of this place is hard to describe in words and really need personally to make sure of what this place you can catch to offer to all those who are eager to see something new and different from the standard offer.

Written by Aleksandra Prokopovic for Alaturka Cruises

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