Bodrum Yachting and Nightlife

Founded in the ancient city of Halicarnassus, modern Bodrum is one of the most important tourist centers of Turkey. The characteristic architecture of the town, yachting, and sympathetic people have created the Bodrum of today.
Hundreds of Bodrum-made yachts bring visitors from all over the world along the Aegean coast, making them enjoy the beauty of nature.

One of the most beautiful places of the Turkish Republic in the 2000s will be Bodrum.

Nightlife in Bodrum

Bodrum is the best-known town for its nightlife among the tourist centers of the Aegean. Along with the vivacity and colorfulness of the day, the attractiveness of nightlife in Bodrum is the main characteristic of the town. Starting from the inner harbor square, up to the end of the Kumbahce district, a multitude of bars, discotheques, and taverns appeal to the taste of every generation.

Besides the bars, other entertainment spots can be found on Banka street and the inner harbor. From jazz to tavern music, one can enjoy the Bodrum nights with all its attractions.

New Experiences At Night At Bodrum

In Bodrum, where night and day embrace each other, the nightlife is common happiness shared with joy and enthusiasm.

Tea Boy on the Bodrum shopping street

Turkish ice cream “Dondurma” – The seller bamboozles customer with his incredible sleight of hand

Good morning – Turkish coffee with Turkish delight and Baklava

Bodrum port – Marina – view from the Castle

Bodrum Turkey – Bodrum at night

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  1. The pictures are great! It would be refreshing to go there for vacation. As I heard, they have the best candy in the world, and the one called Turkish delight sounds interesting. 🙂 I’m careful with what I eat, but when it comes to sweets, I’m no chooser.

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