Livadeia – Chaeronia – Orchomenos

Livadeia is a modern commercial town and stop-over for visitors on their way to Delphi.
Everywhere in the center of the town are restaurants, cafes, and snack bars serving “souvlaki”, the town’s specialty. Just off the center, at the foot of a hill and next to a cool stream is a tourist pavilion and open-air restaurants with tables under huge plane trees.
Opposite the pavilion is the cave of the famous ancient Oracle of Trophonios.

Above this place, on the top of the hill, is situated the Medieval Castle. The Clock Tower of the town is a gift of Lord Elgin. Levadia produces a rich variety of local handicrafts.
Other towns and places of historical interest in Central Greece are Chaeronea,

Plutarch’s birthplace, and the place where Philip of Macedonia defeated the Athenians in 338 B.C. A colossal stone lion still standing there commemorates the famous battle. The small museum contains exhibits from the area. Also of interest are the ruins of an ancient theater below the acropolis of the town.

Not far away from here are the ruins of the Mycenaean fortified town of Orchomenos with the dome-shaped grave, the so-called “Treasury of Minyas”, its legendary founder.

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