Kalambaka – Trikala – Larissa – Vale of Tempi – Ambelakia

This is a fascinating small town built on the site of the ancient city of Aeginion, some 3 km from Meteora.

The capital town of the province after which Trikala is named, stands on the site of the province after which Trikala is named, stands on the site of ancient Trikki which together with the island of Cos and Epidaurus, was consecrated to Asclepius, the god of medicine. It was also famed for its horses. On the summit of its wooded hill is situated a Byzantine fortress built on the site of the ancient acropolis.

The enormous region of Thessaly has chosen Larissa, an active commercial center, for its capital town. Progressive and prosperous, Larissa is also a busy junction of routes linking the whole of Central Greece with Epirus, Macedonia, and southern Greece. It is built on the site of the ancient city, prehistoric capital of Pelasgians. Worth visiting are the medieval castle and the archaeological museum.

The Vale of Tempi is situated 29 km north of Larissa between Mount Olympus and Mount Ossa ( Kissavos ). The National Road leading to Thessaloniki goes through this magnificent narrow pass alongside the River Pinios. It is a beautiful route, through some of the finest scenery in all Greece.

There is a profusion of green dotted with ivy plants, rhododendrons, and plane trees. The bubbling springs in the vicinity were once dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite. In the Valle of Tempi, there was a famous temple dedicated to the god Apollo, older than that of Delphi. Casting its shadow over this Idyllic setting is the medieval Castle of Orias, perched on the top of a high rocky hill.

The road continues through the lush green valley of Platamon which marks the entrance to Macedonia and Northern Greece.
Just before the toll post for the Tempi pass a side road leads to Ambelakia, a beautiful village, wherein 1788 was founded the first internationally known cooperative between capital and labor.

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  1. Even as a young girl, I was always wandering what do people do in parts of country where we go as tourists, but where there is no sea, and sand, bright lights and beautiful smells. Those are parts of country we never think about, but most of what we see, when on a vacation, is produced right there, in those small towns, where people work hard to grow olives, and make olive oil, and oranges, tangerines, vines, and best of all Metaxa, which is their brand… Like visitors, we are serve with the best of the best Greece has to offer, but we don’t think about hard working people, who, during the summer, when we bath in salty water, do hard work, and giving their best to make our stay in their country as memorable as possible. So thank to them our summer vacation is always ‘a story to tell’.

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