German Museum Munich

German Museum, Munich ( Deutsches Museum )

With its unique collections, the museum is situated on one of the islands in the Isar and has an exhibition area covering 40,000 m2. It is the most significant technical-scientific museum in the world. In this museum, you can feel the spirit of invention and it accompanies man’s development from mineral resources and the extraction thereof ( e.g. replica of a mine with original large machines ) up to space history which is centered around the Zeiss Planetarium.
The museum is great fun for old and young with its popular demonstration equipment which you can operate yourself. Here fun is combined with a high didactical value.


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  1. The picture looks amazing! And it sound like an interactive museum, where everyone can find something for themselves! It’s one of destinations I would like to see… It reminds me of the similar one in Switzerland, where you can touch almost every thing that is on display…

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