Munich Schwabing

The legendary Schwabing begins to the north of the Siegestor ( Victory gate ) ( 1843-1852 ) which forms the border between two centers of Munich which are completely different in character. For a long time, it was just an ordinary village outside of the gates of Munich. Then in 1887, it became an independent town and in 1890 part of the city of Munich. The wide and spacious Leopoldstraße has true boulevard character and almost the flair of Paris.

There are all types of shops and boutiques lined up, with restaurants, cinemas, ice-cream parlors, and street cafes in between. Amongst all this, in the summer months, Schwabing artists put their work out on display-some quite remarkable, some not. As compared with the old part of the city, Schwabing is not interesting due to places of interest, rather it’s the people who live and work here.

Schwabing is a world of artists, writers, philosophers, musicians, students, and people who make the best out of life. These and others – those who wish they were artists and intellectuals-enjoy seeing and being seen indulging in deep conversation with others of their kind. Here you also frequently come across interesting people who have not been so successful in life and whose good ideas have since been taken over by others. At the Munchener Freiheit, the Leopoldstraße widens out to form a large area, the Forum with terraces and fountains.

Here again, there is a colorful range of tables and chairs for sitting outside. Moving in the direction of the English Garden there is a network of small roads and alleyways lit up with colored neon lighting and filled with fragments of music pouring out of the various pubs. You have now arrived at  Munich’s hotspot for pubs, bars, amusement houses, discotheques, cabarets-it’s never-ending… Have a good time!


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  1. I read somewhere that Schwabing used to be Munich’s bohemian part of town, where tourist visit in every season, and for the people who live there, it’s a part of town where all the famous coffee shops, restaurants and clubs are. One other thing, which makes this part of town special, is that there is famous English Garden….or at lest I read about it somewhere… When in Germany, it’s one of the ” must see ” places.

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