Munich – English Garden

Englischer Garten –  English Garden

On February 1st, 1789 Karl Theodor issued an electoral decree for a military garden to be laid out in the garrison town. In 1803 the garden architect Ludwig von Sckell was put in charge and was able to realize his plans for the new design of the garden by 1808. Today the English garden with its paths and streams, buildings, and monuments is one of the most extensive city parks in Europe.
The photo on the left shows the Chinesischer Turm ( Chinese tower ) which is a wooden pagoda around which the cafe, restaurant, and beer garden are not only inviting to the people of Munich to take a break and relax.

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  1. I think that every park is beautiful in its own way. We sure should have more of them, because they make our air clean and fresh, and to see a piece of nature in the middle of any city, is like a piece of heaven on earth. If anything, there should be more parks in towns, even if they are made artificially.

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