Weather in Crete from April to October

Climate and Temperature

Crete is the largest of the Greek islands. It is blessed with a turquoise blue sea and a wonderful climate. The geographical location of Crete and the climate have created an amazing diversity of flowers, plants, wildlife, and trees.
The climate of Crete is a mild Mediterranean climate with temperatures around 12 C in winter and 30  C in summer and the weather in Crete is characterized by hot summers and mild, rainy winters.

There are significant differences between the west and the east part (which is drier and warmer than the west part) of Crete and between the coastal zone ( characterized by dry, hot summer, and mild winter )  and the mountainous areas where the winter can be very cold with severe snowfalls.
During the summer, average temperatures reach the high 20s-low 30s Celsius, with maxima touching the upper 30s-mid 40s.

Weather in Crete in October

The weather in Crete in October is sunny but not so hot, with very few windy days but some rain will fall, especially in the west part of Crete. Daytime peak temperatures range from 17 to 26 degrees. The sea is still really warm and the weather is still warm enough to go to the beach. Warm clothes are rarely necessary. In October, Crete receives an average of 40mm of precipitation which falls across six wet days.

October is one of the best months of the year to visit Crete but keep in mind that temperatures and weather can vary greatly depending on which part of the island you’re staying in. The south coast of the island is generally warmer than the northern coast, with the southeast usually being the driest place in October.

Weather in Crete in September

Fine sunny days less windy and moderate-to-hot temperatures. During September, the average daytime temperature drops slightly to 24 degrees Celsius, with high peaks reaching 27 degrees and lows dropping again to 19 degrees Celsius. The water is warm enough to go to the beach and for swimming. September feels more like springtime than autumn in Crete. Some days in September are clear and sunny while others are rainy.

Weather in Crete in July and August

The weather in Crete in July and August is windy and very hot. Daytime high temperatures range from 29-38 degrees and the sea of course is wonderfully warm. It is time that the seasonal North winds blow and this is the best time to spend the entire day at the beach for people who can stand high temperatures ( 30-35 C ). There is virtually no rainfall across the whole island of Crete during August.

Weather in Crete in June

The weather in Crete in June is sunny and hot. It is time for the beach! The sea is warmer and you are almost guaranteed to get good weather. Daytime high temperatures range from 22-30 degrees

Weather in Crete in May

The weather in Crete in May becomes warm and sunny. Rain is unlikely to occur past May 10. It is the best time of the year to visit Crete if you intend to hike. Daytime high temperatures range from 15-25 degrees.

Weather in Crete in April

The weather in Crete in April is still unstable and can be very rainy or very pleasant. It is springtime in Crete with medium temperatures. April sees moderate winds, which are mostly warm, as the island’s mountains are now snow-free. Crete is full of wildflowers and it is magnificent.  Daytime peak temperatures range from 12 to 20 degrees. The sea is still too cold to swim in it.

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