The old quarter

This is the area within the antique walls and presently bordered by Les Rondes which circle the oldest part of Barcelona, including the Barri Gotic.

To the North is Plaga Catalunya, which is the center of connection with this part and the L’Eixample. The Placa is one of the city’s important centers and one of the streets which begins there, Les Rambles, which joins it to the sea in a beautiful and picturesque walk, is a delightful part of this city.

The innumerable stands which sell birds of all kinds and the marvel of the Rambla de les Flors, full of color and perfume, make up a frame of unequaled beauty and cordial atmosphere. The newspaper stands, authentic open-air book shops, for the enjoyment of passersby and, an essential element, the continuous coming and going of all classes of people from all over the world.
People who may be in a hurry to get somewhere or may just be taking a walk, all of them give the impression of being happy and optimistic just by “ramblejar” walking in the Rambles of Barcelona.

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  1. The picture on the top of the post is the most amazing sunset I have ever seen. It would be so nice to live trough one of those moments, because, not every sunset looks like that one. you need to capture a moment like that one! Perfect picture!

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