Ancient and memorable places of Budva – citadels

The city of Budva is mentioned before 2500 years first time in written history ( 5th-century b.c. ). Through its time city has seen changes in its demographic composition from original Illyrian founders to Roman invaders and later Sloven settlers. It has endured many sieges and its citadels still stand as a numb witness of battles.

Fortress Citadel

Located on an elevated position is the city fortress called “Citadel”, supposed to have been built before the year 840. At one point city walls merge with the fortress and so form a single unified system of fortifications. While under siege well-enabled citizens to endure and an arsenal guaranteed safety.

Fortress Castello

Kastio fortress has a Venetian garrison at her and called Castel Lastva or less Kastio. The oldest building in the complex was a quarantine in Petrovac, from the sixteenth century. He served as a quarantine accommodation for the ill during epidemics. The fortress was built by the Venetians in the XVI century.

Fortress Kosmač

Kosmač Austrian fortress Brajici was built in the nineteenth century.  It served as a physical border between Austria-Hungary and Montenegro.

Fortress Mogren

Mogren fortress was built in 1860. year, during the Austro-Hungarian rule. It served as a stout military bastion that overlooked and protected the approach to Budva on the west side.

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