Traditional Slovene Crafts

Slovene Crafts Traditional crafts have always provided man with household utensils, personal equipment, and things he needed at work. All these products were also important to market merchandise. As for the locals, their work offered them possibilities to pave routes to distant lands and broaden their horizons. Today traditional crafts hold a significant place in …

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Kočevje Kočevje sits in the middle of a karst polje. Its origins date to the 14th century when the Ortenburgs started to bring German settlers to work the land. At that time they built the manor house in Mahovnik and a settlement developed around it later on. In 1847., coal was discovered at Šalka vas …

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Koroška Forests The Koroška forests are a veritable paradise for anyone who appreciates quiet. Holidaying in Koroška offers tranquility and quenches the curiosity the city man constantly seeks and needs. Countless trails are leading from peak to peak. Experiences are so fulfilling that their memories stay alive for a long time. There is nothing like …

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Pomurje (The Mura Region)

Pomurje The extraordinary hospitality of the locals and the mysterious flat landscape is simply enchanting. Excellent traditional dishes and numerous thermal springs attract tourists. It is a land of lazy rivers, mysterious moors, fishponds, and rich in-game. It is a place where hunters and fishermen can still find species that have become rare elsewhere in …

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Slovene Cooking

Slovene cooking Slovene cooking is just as varied as the landscape. Old national dishes have rich traditions. Some of them have been preserved through centuries. In Slovenia, there have around 40 culinary districts, which apart from having very different eating habits also have very different dishes. Soil composition and weather conditions varying from district to …

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Slovenia – Gorenjska

Gorenjska Gorenjska is a land of high peaks, pointed rocky ridges, deep Alpine valleys, and clear waters. The landscape simply lures everyone who wants to escape for a while the hustle and bustle so typical of tourist centers. Here, quiet excitements can be found in the midst of unspoiled wild nature. Gorenjska is a school …

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