Notranjska-Logatec, Planinsko polje, Rakov Škocjan

Notranjska Notranjska hides in its bosom an underground kingdom, an immense labyrinth of pits, caves, tunnels, and streams hidden from everyday visitors and observers. Underground flow through unknown and only partly discovered tunnels veritable rivers, forming magnificent waterfalls, countless rapids, and true lakes. It is a magnificent world, especially in places where water has hollowed …

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Lake Cerknica, Cerknica, The Lož Valley, Postojna and Ilirska Bistrica

Lake Cerknica The largest Slovene karst polje is Cerkniško polje or Lake Cerknica. It is the largest European intermittent lake with a surface of 24 square kilometers. During rainy periods in the autumn and spring, when numerous springs from the edge of the polje and underground streams collecting water under the surrounding plateaus, rash into …

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Slovenian History

History Centuries ago, Slovenia was inhabited by Illyrian tribes. Around 400 BC they were joined by the Celtic tribes. In 200 BC they were ruled over by the Romans, who built military fortifications along new roads all the way to the Danube. The Germanic Langhobards only settled in the territory when the power of the …

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Dolenjska Dolenjska is like the softness of an enchanted song and such are its people, too. Its low hills scattered with castles, country crisscrossed by green rivers, streams, and forests, and facetiousness and hospitality of the locals can be met at every step. Magic birch groves of Bela Krajina sing a different tune. They leave …


Tourism in Slovenia

Tourism For such a small country, Slovenia boasts an extremely varied landscape. There is just a short pop from snow-capped mountains and glacial lakes in the Alps to evergreen olive plantations on the coast. And a drive to wine-growing hills, golden wheat-fields, or mysterious karst caves will not take us more than an hour, either. …

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Štajerska ( Styria )  Štajerska is a land of friendly people, noblest wines, and excellent traditional dishes. Numerous thermal springs attract travelers. It abounds in cultural monuments and merry events. Extremely rich cultural and historical heritage can be enjoyed at every step. Numerous castles, manor houses, monasteries, and famous churches greet visitors at every comer. …

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