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You begin at once to behave like a Parisian and take the Metro. For your ticket, buy a carnet” ( 10 tickets = 10 trips ) because it is cheaper. You will use them all because wherever you go the Metro is the fastest and least expensive way to travel. Large maps, both outside and inside the stations, show all the Metro lines in different colors.

The map of the Metro in this guide will also help you learn how to travel on the system. To work out which line you have to take, look at the station at the end of the line on which your station is located. The directions are very clearly shown on indicator boards above each platform. And the names of the stations along the various lines are shown on the large blue and white signs in the corridors. You will also find them in the carriages. And there will always be some kind person prepared to help you.

Paris Metro Map

Paris Metro Map

Métro de Paris, Subway system, RER Paris BUS
Number of lines – 16
Number of stations – 300
The Métro has 214 km of track and 300 stations. These figures do not include the RER network. The average distance between stations is 562 m. Trains stop at all stations.
Trains average 20 km/h with a maximum of 75 km/h on all but the automated, driverless trains of line 14, which average 40 km/h and reach 80 km/h. An average interstation trip takes 58 seconds.

Paris city map

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