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Cosmopolitan Kallithea, with its long, pine-clad Beach and modern hotels, lies at a distance of  85 kilometers from Thessaloniki. From its main square we can enjoy the view of the mountain peaks in the background, and the blue waters of the Gulf of Cassandra, and then take the steps which lead down to the beach.

Here – west of the Ammon Zeus Hotel – the archaeologists pick has uncovered the sanctuary of Ammon Zeus, one of the most important sanctuaries dedicated to the Egyptian god in ancient Greece. Historical sources tell us of the existence of a temple dedicated to the god in Chalkidiki.  The finds at Kallithea were identified with this sanctuary after the discovery of a fragment of an inscribed marble devotional basin in the area of the excavations, bearing the name of Ammon-Zeus.

The temple, which is believed to have been built in the 4th century BC, was a Doric temple with six columns on the narrow and eleven on the long sides, in shell limestone plastered with white stucco. In the late 3rd or early 2nd century BC, the entablature of the temple was replaced by a marble one. In front of the temple, there was a rectangular stone altar dating from the late 5th century BC.

In Roman times the temple was covered with earth and another smaller one, built on the site. Also, on the east and west sides of the altar were built theatre-shaped edifices from where the faithful could follow the ritual taking place at the sacrificial altar. The temple appears to have been destroyed during the time of Theodosius the Great. Today the platform of the temple has survived, as well as the area of the altar.

Kalithea at twilight

Traditional Tavern in Kalithea

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