Kalamata – Pilos – Methoni – Koroni

Traveling eastwards along the coastal road, we come to Messlnia, a province whose capital is Kalamata, a thriving commercial town with some 40,000 inhabitants. The road southwest of Kalamata leads to Pilos (51 km), a charming seaside town, known also as Navarino. It is the site of the famous naval battle during the Greek War of Independence, when the combined fleets of Russia, England and France destroyed Turkish-Egyptian fleet.

The small island Sfakteria across from Pilos seems like an elongated natural breakwater against the Ionian Sea.

To the south of Pilos are situated the two interesting towns with medieval castles, Methoni and Koroni, known once as the “Two eyes of Venice” because of their strategic position.

North of Pilos and near to the picturesque village Chora on a hill is situated the Palace of Nestor, the wise old king who accompanied the Achaians in their campaign against Troy.

The famous Mycenaean Palace was destroyed by fire in 1200 B.C. and the clay tablets found in the ruins established the fact that the Mycenaeans spoken an archaic form of Greek. The most Impressive remains are the throne room and the monumental entrance. The small museum at Chora has frescoes and “Linear B” tablets found in the Palace as well as other interesting remains.

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