Europe Map – Rock and Rail it in Europe

Is your bag practically packed for your long-awaited European travel adventure this year and you still can’t decide on the best way to travel once you get there? Sure it’s hard to know the best way to book before you book, especially with all the ticket and pass programs that are up for grabs in Europe. Choosing between the BritRail or the France Pass or the Deutsche Bahn isn’t all that easy when you’re not sure yourself in advance precisely where it is you’ll be going.

And precisely that is the trick. You have to decide NOW which countries you will be visiting. Before you know that, booking the best rail ticket for your needs will be more ineffective and most likely more expensive than it needs to be. So grab a piece of paper, plan a rough itinerary you WILL be sticking to ( at least as far as the countries you’ll be visiting is concerned ) and take a look at some of the following explanations and websites and they will set you straight.

 If you are intent on the whole nine yards and/or banana, then the classic Eurailpass is definitely the way to go. This the monster of rail passes that everyone has heard of. And there is a good reason for this. It’s the pass you want in your pant pocket when you want to see it all. But never forget how easy it is to bite off more than you can chew while planning to “do” Europe. The real question to answer here is usually whether or not you will actually have the time to do so. If you don’t, Europe just might end up “doing” you. At any rate, Eurailpass holders enjoy the luxury of unlimited travel in 18 European countries.

With a Eurailpass at your disposal, you can wake up in the morning with vague travel plans for Berlin dancing in your head and then decide at the train station to head off to Madrid instead. You’re as free as a bird, only you won’t be having to flap your arms. This is the kind of freedom of choice that has fascinated generations of young Eurailpass vagabonds discovering Europe. Get all the details on the Internet at

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