Dobrna, Zreče, Slovenske Konjice


In the valley of the tiny Dobrna river, at the village of Lemberg near Strmec, is the Lemberg Castle and further up the valley lies Dobrna. The Dobrna spa was already known by the Romans. Written sources mention it only in 1428 and the tourism did not take off before 1612. Above the spa lie the ruins of the Kačnik Castle and there is another castle of a more recent origin in the Dobrna village.

A kilometer and a half upstream is the Guttenegg Castle, which is also called Dobmica.
Among the hills stretching from the Celje basin to Dobrna lies in a shallow valley the lake Šmartinsko jezero. Its very rugged shore is 8800 meters long!


The Dravinja River springs from numerous sources scattered under Ovčarjev vrh ( 1286 m ) and in the ravines around the village of Skomarje. It is joined by the Ločnica brook, whose source is under Rogla, and numerous other smaller streams. The first village in the valley is Loška gora. Right after the village, the valley widens and there sits Zreče which has been using the river’s water power for centuries. In the surroundings old Bronze Age settlements were discovered. Zreče has developed incredibly after WWII. Today it is a nice modern town, attractive for tourists.

Zrečans have built a modern sports and tourist resort Rogla ( 1517 ). On Adamov vrh ( 1260 m ) is a tower with excellent views. The whole southern slope of Pohorje is scattered with isolated farms and small villages up to a height of 1100 meters.

Slovenske Konjice

The town lies in the Dravinja valley under the steep slope of Konjiška gora ( 924 m ). On its slope, above Pristava, are the ruins of Old Castle ( Stari Grad ). The town was granted a market charter in the 13th century and today it is the center of the upper part of the Dravinja valley. It has developed around the junction of the old road linking Ljubljana and Maribor, and the side road leading down the Dravinja valley. The new motorway bypassed it.

Between Zička gora ( 420 m ) and the Homec hill sits the village of Ziče. From the side valley behind Konjiška gora flows the Žičnica brook. In its valley lie the ruins of the 12th century Zice monastery. The monastery surrounded by mighty walls is now under reconstruction.

The Žiče monastery is the oldest Carthusian monastery in non-romance Europe. It was built in the second half of the 12th century and its decline began at the end of the 18th century. Its ruins are being slowly reconstructed.

Slovenske Konjice is an attractive tourist spot. It is a starting point for excursions to Konjiška gora and Brinjeva gora, and there are also quite some castles and wine cellars in the area which are bound to improve your mood.

Slovenske Konjice, the home of excellent white wine Konjičan, is also a famous wine district.

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